Our Schools

  • 45% of ECISD Schools Are Over Capacity 45% 45%

Did You Know?

When a school’s Current Utilization is over 80% it is considered completely full. Though more students can fit into the classrooms above this number safely, the student to teacher ratio becomes a problem.

Currently the total Current Utilization of all school facilities in ECISD is at 80.8% so even with rebalancing of the student population for schools from over capacity to under the district is still maxed out.


Average Capacity of All ECISD Schools

Odessa High

Square Feet: 481,629

Building Capacity: 3,486

Total Portable Buildings: 20

Current Enrollment: 3,920

Current Utilization: 87%


Permian High

Square Feet: 553,013

Building Capacity: 3,389

Total Portable Buildings: 15

Current Enrollment: 4,219

Current Utilization: 112%


Did You Know?

There currently isn’t a middle school outside of loop 338. There is an estimated 31,927 residents in West Odessa according to census data and for some the closest middle school is more than a 20 minute drive.

The last middle school built in Ector County was Crockett in 1982. Since then the census estimates Ector County has added 49,797 or 43% growth.

Bowie Middle School

Square Feet: 194,784

Building Capacity: 1,264

Total Portable Buildings: 8

Current Enrollment: 926

Current Utilization: 63%


Bonham Middle School

Square Feet: 158,903

Building Capacity: 987

Total Portable Buildings: 7

Current Enrollment: 886

Current Utilization: 76%


Ector Middle School

Square Feet: 265,500

Building Capacity: 1,610

Total Portable Buildings: 3

Current Enrollment: 1,380

Current Utilization: 82%


Did You Know?

Current total enrollment for all 6 Middle Schools in ECISD is 6,811 students while the current Kinder through 2nd Grade Enrollment is 7,247 or a 6% increase.

In 5-6 years these kids will be in our Middle Schools adding 436 to the current capacity. A New Middle School holds 1,000 students but will take a few years to build if passed in Novemeber but just in time for the added growth.

Wilson &Young Middle School

Square Feet: 137,251

Building Capacity: 957

Total Portable Buildings: 12

Current Enrollment: 1,266

Current Utilization: 101%


Nimitz Middle School

Square Feet: 163,718

Building Capacity: 919

Total Portable Buildings: 18

Current Enrollment: 1,318

Current Utilization: 96%


Crockett Middle School

Square Feet: 143,314

Building Capacity: 1,101

Total Portable Buildings: 12

Current Enrollment: 1,035

Current Utilization: 74%